> WP1074

WP1074 is engineered for the treatment of birch pollen allergy.

Birch trees grow in the temperate climate zone of the Northern Hemisphere and release large amounts of pollen in the spring. Birch pollen is a prominent elicitor of allergies in Europe. Of the birch pollen allergens, the prevalence of Bet v 1 sensitization is of the greatest clinical importance. In general populations in Europe the prevalence of birch pollen sensitization ranges from approximately 8% to 16%. As Bet v 1 is immunologically cross reacting with a number of other fagales species such as hazel, oak, alder, beech and hornbeam. There is also substantial cross-reactivity to a number of fruits and nuts, giving rise oral allergy syndrome.

WP1074 contains a single PCFiT fusion protein which has been fully characterized immunologically (Marth K et al., 2013). It has been shown to induce high levels of IgG against the major IgE-reactive site on Bet v 1 and related allergens. These IgG inhibits allergic patients’ IgE binding to Bet v 1 better than IgG induces by immunization with complete Bet v 1. Furthermore, WP1074 induces IgG inhibited Bet v 1–induced basophil activation in allergic patients and CD23-facilitated allergen presentation.