> WP1049

WP1049 is designed for the treatment of House Dust Mite (HDM) allergy which is closely related to allergic diseases such as Allergic Rhinitis, Allergic Asthma, conjunctivitis, etc.

For instance, the percentage of households having HDM allergen levels associated with the risk of developing allergy sensitization and asthma were 65% and 25% (Calderón MA et al, 2015). Prevalence data for HDM allergen sensitization vary from 65 to 130 million persons in the general population worldwide to as many as 50% among asthmatic patients (Zheng et al, 2015).

Unlike extract-based products, WP1049 leads to production of IgG antibodies against all major HDM allergens which have the potential to drive allergy symptoms in a significant number of HDM allergic patients.

The product is a further advancement of the application of the PCFiT technology, as immunogenic epitopes from 6 major allergens are combined in just 2 immunization antigens. The product has been fully characterized in animal models and the superior induction of IgG over marketed products has been confirmed.

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